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ON SALE - CAPS C311030 3" (76mm) Surface Sanding Disc Kit & Spindle

ON SALE Was 12.76 CAPS five piece 3 sanding disc kit includes 4 80 grit sanding disc and 1 3 backing pad with spindle. This economical Kit is the perfect addition to any workshop, ideal for removing scale, paint, residue and rust. This kit gives a sm ...


ON SALE - CAPS C311130 3" (76mm) Sanding Disc With Spindle

ON SALE CAPS C311130 3 76mm Sanding Disc With Spindle Was 23.24 Technical Specifications Category Sanding Discs Features 1 x brown surface prep disc 2 x red surface prep disc 1 x blue surface prep disc 3 backing pad with spindle Delivers even and con ...

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