Air Needle Scalers For Sale

Ingersoll Rand 125 Air Needle Scaler, 4,600bpm

This Ingersoll Rand pneumatic needle scaler 125 gives a high power performance that will rapidly remove and chip away at any debris, making it capable of peeling an area back to bare metal in seconds. By using compressed air power it allows the pisto ...


Ingersoll Rand 180PG Pneumatic Pistol Grip Needle Scaler

This versatile air powered needle scaler 180PG rapidly removes and chips away at debris with it s 2,200 blows p m at free speed and has low air consumption of 8cfm means only a small portable compressor is needed. The simple design of this pistol gri ...


Ingersoll Rand 182L 400BPM Pneumatic In-line Chisel Scaler

With 4000 blows-per-minute and a 1 stroke, the 182 is a powerful and durable chisel scaler. The swan neck grip option add an extra level of comfort for both vertical and horizontal operation. This air powered chisel scaler 182L is a versatile tool fo ...


Ingersoll Rand 182LNA1 4000BPM Lever Throttle Pneumatic In-line Needle Scaler

This industrial needle scaler 182LNA1 is built with a high power performance of 4,000 blow per minute and at the same time has low air consumption of 13cfm. It s ergonomic and safety designed lever throttle gives the user a natural position for opera ...

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