3hp 10cfm Type 30 High Efficiency Air Compressor

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3hp 10cfm Type 30 High Efficiency Air Compressor Specification Download PDF brochure.

  • Model : 3hp 10cfm Type 30 High Efficiency Air Compressor
  • Subcategory : Piston Compressor
  • Stock ID : 2340K3/12


Ingersoll Rand’s Type 30 innovative two-stage design allows for cooler operating temperatures and overall better power performance.

This Type 30 is an economic and reliable solution for those that simply focus on a dependable compressed air solution and is ideal for industrial applications. Built with robust cast iron cylinders, they provide the quality and performance that are required for everyday continuous use.


-High efficiency stainless steel valves: Cool running valves are heat treated ensuring reduced heat and carbon increase
-Trouble-free operation: Easy to use operating system and low maintenance required
-100% continuous operation: Designed for continuous operation, making it a reliable system for your applications
-Cost-effective choice for all Industrial Applications: offering maximum operating pressure, increased air flow and extended duty cycles, the IR Type 30 has been designed for the increasing demands of the industrial market.
-Innovative lubricants: have been developed to reduce unwanted oil and prevent carbon build-up and to extend the life between oil changes.
-Centrifugal Unloader: Prevents no load starts for maximum starter protection, saving motor life from burning out.
-Efficient finned intercooler tubes: By running cooler, it allows the compressor to consume less power and run more efficiently in the most demanding applications.
-Two Stage Design: Keeps air pressure temperature down and reduces the power used to deliver pressures up to 175psi

Technical Specifications:

Capacity (FAD): 9.8cfm (277 l/min)
Drive: Belt Drive
Motor: 2.2kw / 3hp
Pump: 2-Stage
Rated Pressure: 12.3 Barg / 175psig
Tank Size (L): 150 litre Receiver tank
Type: 3 Phase - Tank Mounted Compressor
Voltage: 415 volt

approx. shipping weight: 230kg
LWH: 1440mm x 540mm x 970mm

Why Buy an Ingersoll Rand Type 30 (T30) Compressor?

Leading Engineering

Ingersoll Rand’s renowned Type 30 air compressors have been providing unbeaten performance in the most demanding applications. The Type 30 compressors are recognized as the industry’s benchmark for quality, power and reliability – that’s why they remain the world’s best-selling reciprocating compressor.

Two-Stage Design

The Type 30 air compressor is a two-stage design; this keeps the air temperature down and reduces the power used. There is a Type-30 to meet your needs, whether you work in a demanding industrial environment, automotive repair or repair workshop or a regular business owner.

Full Warranty Protection

Ingersoll Rand is so confident in the performance and durability of their products that each unit is backed by a full manufactures 12 month warranty.

Aftermarket Service and Spare Parts Support

If your air compressor requires servicing, CAPS nationwide service network is only a phone call away. CAPS expert technicians can keep your compressor running in peak condition, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in replacement or breakdown costs. CAPS also stock all the genuine Ingersoll Rand Type 30 compressor parts you’ll need at out dedicated spare parts e-store.

If you would like more information, we welcome you to contact us! Simply send as an inquiry or visit our dedicated CAPS Shop site.

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