HERTZ FRECON30-10 30kW Rotary Screw Air Compressor


HERTZ FRECON30-10 30kW Rotary Screw Air Compressor Specification

  • Make : HERTZ
  • Model : HERTZ FRECON30-10 30kW Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • Subcategory : Rotary Screw Compressor


The FRECON30-10 is the ideal choice for all kinds of industries and applications, designed to serve you trouble free for a long lifetime.
Every screw compressor model is equipped with an exclusive screw block, constructed with the strongest materials, and each compressor ensures exceptional performance and efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Type Base Mount
Capacity 162cfm (4,587 l/min)
CFM Range 162
Drive Direct Drive
Motor 30kw / 40hp
Rated Pressure 10 Barg / 145 psig
Weight 730kg
Dimension LWH: 155cm x 103cm x 175cm approx

Highly efficient airend design based on the newest rotor profile and lobe combination.
High efficiency combi ‘bar/plate’ type air/oil Aftercoolers.
Easy Belt tensioning system provides trouble free operation.
Low sound - acoustic enclosure.
Easy to operate electronic controller.

Why Buy a HERTZ Rotary Screw Compressor from CAPS?

Committed to Excellence
Hertz offer a complete range screw compressors with years of experience and knowledge. With time proven quality, HSC FRECON Screw Compressor Series provide highly efficient solutions for many compressed air applications. Built to quality standards and suiting harsh applications.

Time-Proven Design
Continuous improvements with innovation in material, machining and assembling techniques. Hertz products continue to exceed customer expectations.

User-friendly Design
All Hertz models are built for easy maintenance, have long service intervals and low operating costs. All spare parts are easily available at all service centers across our network of branches.

Worldwide Distribution
Hertz offers the most reliable solutions for all kinds of applications worldwide. Hertz is represented in over 50 countries, with CAPS the national sales and service agent in Australia.



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