Airman Portable Diesel Air Compressor: PDS400SC-6B5-T

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    Features and Benefits

    - Fuel economy and component wear reduced via low engine idle at 1,300 rpm (less than half the speed of some other makes)
    Convenient Access and Storage
    - Features gull-wing style doors mounted with gas struts to the side of the compressor - enables easy access to storage and for maintenance
    Electric Fuel Pump and Air Bleed (EFPA) Pump
    - The air is automatically primed and bled out of the system without opening injector lines should the compressor run out of fuel
    - Results in reduced downtime and service calls

    Maintenance Made Easier and Faster
    - Side by side radiator and oil cooler – more efficient and easy to clean
    - Accessible oil / air filters together with cartridge type fuel filter – ensures service time and costs are kept to a minimum
    - Hand operated compressor oil and fuel drains
    - External water and oil drains
    - Oil cooler and radiator inspection door, easy to clean matrix

    Safe, Durable and Reliable Construction
    - Features a durable steel and powder coated finish with stainless steel hardware
    - Power transmission is optimised as the engine is coupled to the precision cut heavy duty slow speed air end
    - ALKO torsion heavy duty suspension with 16 inch heavy duty tyres and sunraisia style wheel rims
    - 1 year / 1,500 hour manufacturer’s warranty plus CAPS six year / 8,500 hour warranty on compression air end, (whichever occurs first) when continuously serviced at the recommended intervals with compressor fluid and filters supplied by CAPS (refer to warranty statement for conditions)

    - Noise levels as low as 74.5 dB(A) at 7 metres
    - Meets EPA tier 2 emission standards with direct injection engine
    - Optional environmental containment base designed to capture up to 110% of all machine fluids

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